A Time-Efficient Way to Play Skyrim...?

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I really hope it is doable. And if so, around how many hours do you guys think it would take to finish the game?

Details below. Grab some pop corn. LOL


One look at the game and it's pretty obvious to me that this is a game that I'm gonna enjoy big time. On the other hand, I can tell at a glance that it's gonna be very time consuming. 2 years ago, I wouldn't even bother posting this as I'll virtually have all the time to play and explore the game all on my own. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.

Here's my situation. I'm working full time; 8-9 hours for 5 days and in such days, I usually have 3-4 hours spare time to dedicate in playing Skyrim and with at least 15-20 hours during Saturdays and Sundays that I can allocate to play this game.

Now, I'm not sure if there are other gamers in the forum who's in the same boat as I am but perhaps even those who aren't can probably relate to my dilemna here. But going to my point though, I need to know some experience-and-gamer-tested route as far as proceeding with (ONLY) the main quest with a decently leveled character. As of the time of this writing, I've been playing the game for 2 weeks now and I've just gotten to the part where I got the 1st "Shout" and is currently training with the old dudes who knows the other parts of it. Although to be fair, I've mostly spent my day-offs doing an Assassin's Creed marathon in anticipation for Black Flag.

My point is, I can't afford the usual exploration, discovery, trial and error that I usually do in other games that I've played when I was still a student (ahem, Dragon Ages, ahem). So if there's anyone who can give me some valuable pointers (but please do minimize or eliminate spoilers if possible) in pushing forward with the main storyline with a decent character, I would greatly appreciate it.

Allow me to give some overview on my mindset approach on the game:

1. I'll be on the EASIEST Mode (again, in the interest of time management)
2. I'm Roleplaying as a "practical" yet ambitious Dragonborn. For instance, I would kill a pleasant character if there's a substantial reward for doing so and save bad guys in exchange for said good items (robes, staves, armor, accessories, etc...). This means, that I would go "Evil"Mode only if there's some considerable profit, otherwise, I'll leave NPCs in peace.
3. I'm desperate for exploits that I can use in the interest of getting easy money/exp/items but not to the point of risking data corruption. I'm particularly interested in knowing the best way to improve my magic-based skills at the soonest time possible. Whether it's a "legal" or expolity way of doing.

By the way, I'm currently playing a Breton Female, with the intention of leveling her as a Magic-Based Destruction character and who also happened to be named "Morrigan". If you think it's gonna be time consuming to grind such character-class, I wouldn't hesistate to reset my game and build a new character. Oh, and I'm on XBOX 360.

Thanks. Hoping for some replies/tips at the soonest time possible.


Oh dear, what I'd give to rewind time for at least 2 years so that I can play this game in peace. But alas, the irony is, now that I'm financially stable enough to slowly build my own game theatre (PC, Xbox360, PS3, good TV/Audio and all the games that I fancy purchasing) I can never find decent time to actually play them. :(



The apartment that I'm staying at is almost always hooked up on the internet, so everytime I play my Xbox360, I'm always on XboxLive... though I've actually never had any reason to utilize it. I'm more of an offline gamer type but if anyone is interested in adding me as a contact or something my gamertag is DragonMage2013.