Where can I find a bow?

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I started a new character, but in the tutorial the only weapon options were a two-handed mace, a sword and a staff. After the tutorial I tried to buy a bow, but the cheapest one is 600 gold. Where exactly do people find bows??

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Chop up some trees and craft one.

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Is there unlimited arrows or you have to find some ???

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Have patience. You will eventually find lots of weapons just by playing, and you will quickly gain skills in the weapons that you choose. By lvl 6-10 you should have your character set up the way you want to play. At level 15 you get weapon swap ability, and things get really interesting.

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Yeah yeah,in the beginning,a bow is very hard to find but you can craft one by chopping woods and do not forget to do researches which can enable you to impose extra effects on ur weapons everyday.