Pushing the Nords

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I think this game will be one to remember, and I'm a huge Elder Scrolls fan, but I think they're pushing the Nord thing a little too far. In every trailer it always shows the Nord character first, and they hardly represent the Dunmer, and Argonians haven't been shown yet. I hope they don't use Skyrim as the major attraction to the game; it would definitely ruin everything for me.
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I am sure they will try to produce different trailers for every different race.
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So far all of the trailers have made the Nord look better than everyone. They've only shown Nords, High Elves, Breton, and like two Dark Elves.
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Skyrim was the latest TES game and, let's face it, the most popular one. A lot of people that played Skyrim hadn't heard about TES before, much in the way that a lot of the people that played Oblivion hadn't heard about Morrowind.

I'm not arguing that Skyrim is better, but it's certainly smarter for them to advertise the Nords and the Ebonheart Pact more prominently from a marketing standpoint.

The more people jump on this game's bandwaggon the better it will be. If that means the Nords have to be a bit overplayed then that's something I can certainly live with.