I really like Path of Exile

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Man I love this company! Every time I get bored and think about quitting Path of Exile they bring up a new league or new content that gets be excited again! Way to go Grinding Gear Games!!!

I think the Key to improve the Scion is to make her "soft ascendancies" unique, like giving her a "Juggernaut" node that gives stats similar to the juggernaut but ones that the juggernaut does not get himself! That way she would be a pick for specific builds and not a go to class, obviously all these nodes would need to be balanced around each other since two of them together must not be stronger than every single ascendancy class! Kind of when she was the go to option for spark but wasn't played for anything else, i think thats the most we can get out of her, which wouldn't be a problem if you ask me if she simply has like 10 different builds ppl play with her! ppl play like 4 different Blade Vortex builds atm, why not add a 5th one for the Scion... (for example)... atm EVERY summoner is a witch, why not give the Scion a Necromancer node that fits some summoners better?!

I really like this game, and most of the decisions they make are fine with me, but having Ascendant classes tied to Lab keeps me from going back to it. Buy the cheap and fast POE ORBS for Microsoft Windows on Poe4orbs.com! We offer Path of Exile Currency at discounted price! Enjoy Safe PoE Currency. It's just too cancer to play through Lab, and it undermines build variety--the WHOLE POINT of this game. Sorry, Chris, but you know what must be done here, and I'm not the first (or last) to say this.