Don't buy this game (now)

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The following has been collecting over the last year or so, as the "patches" were coming out:

  • Every now and then my game goes from VERY smooth down to a slide show for about a minute or two, regardless of the number of things on screen.
  • When I load into an area, the characters are black for a while. Then their low-LOD textures load in. Then their high LOD
  • Today the stable master's limbs were missing and people have blue faces.
  • Music cuts out...then drops back in one hour later.
  • After a short while I can no longer go into first person view.
  • My character riding on the horse was suddenly running on top of the horse. Hilarious but also disturbing.
  • My girlfriend's ESO doesn't want to start anymore (and she was the main reason I kept playing)
  • When she asked for support, they told her that she no longer meets the minimum requirements. Just to clairfy: she bought the game and it worked on medium settings prior to the last patch.
  • When I tried to discuss all this, I found out that to post in their forums you need an invitation code that expires quickly if you have not used it right after your bought the game (and why would anyone?) and on Steam only those who have the steam version can post, which is why I am posting this here.
  • I have only covered the technical stuff here because I assume that by now everyone knows what a disappointment the gameplay turned out to be. That has not changed much since they have been adding new content.

This game seem to come apart at the seams. Do not reward laziness or greed. I suggest do not buy this game at this time.

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I have seen a few of the things you mentioned as far as people being "black" like shadows, which at first I thought the people were in stealth mode. I also had an issue with the opening music being totally garbled during the game's first cgi scene. I was ticked off since I own the disc and it too two days to download the update (7mbs). I do really like the game and 99% of the time it works fine for me on this low connection speed. My only real concern is how huge the game and it's updates are.