Oblivion for 360=Terrific, for PC=Awesome, for phone=horrendous

User Rating: 1 | The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion MOBI
With a great game as Oblivion was, many Develpors tried to milk most people to buy a lame excuse for the great game. Flippin through my phone, I found Oblivion and man was I happy. I thought this would be a great roll around 2-d game. Its not. It goes through the main quest like crap. First when you play you must choose what type of character you want and just to let you know, it really doesn't matter. They all strike the same way with the same weapon. The levels are horrendous as it is the same background over and over. There is one enemy and they do not even pose a challenge. As you get into the game, you will be able to buy weapons. Going to the next tier of weapons, or an axe, it only takes 1 shot to kill your opponent. This game is a sad excuse for a game and anyone who has Oblivion already, being it on PC or 360 should stick with that one. This is by far the worst translation of a terrific game to a poorly made mobile phone. This made me want to cry and I now know never buy a run-down version of a classic on your phone.