This game will immerse you in a big fantasy world. It's really nice to play.

User Rating: 8.5 | The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PC
What sets this game is the freedom of movement you have. Cyrodill province is characterized by a great variety and environments, from forests to snowy mountains, which are portals to the player who transfer to a parallel dimension.
The story takes place in the empire of Tamriel, during the reign of Emperor Uriel Septim.
The graphics are excellent, except for some details, the game risks a bit of graphic quality in exchange for an enormous freedom of action.
The animations give good look to the movements of both the player and enemies.
The large number of missions that can be done seems to be limitless, and the player is traveling around Cyrodill fulfilling missions, rescuing people, eliminating bandits, saving cities, among other things. You can even join different guilds, like magicians, the wrestlers, the criminals, and that gives much more innovative and dynamic to the game.

Some minor problems are the number of objects that is useless, since one can travel across an entire room, and not finding anything of value or profit, one can find things without value, which is a waste of time. This complexity of objects is perfected in Dragon Age, as only places objects of medium to high importance to the player, and discard useless items.

All in all, the plot is very complete, if only some players would read all the books, and not all fully understand the story.

I would definitely recommend this game, although not very new, a pleasure to play even after having experienced the world of Bioware or Wizard.
The world that Bethesda created is very innovative, and the series has existed for over 15 years,