The greatest if not the best RPG game taking place not during current day or future!

User Rating: 9.5 | The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PC
Ever since my first hearing about Oblivion the name stuck with me til this day. After witnessing the hype about this game I had no choice but to get myself a copy and play it. Little to my surprise it was just as it was described. Fun quests, customizing characters from start way until you finished the very last quest. New items, demons, dungeons, places to explore, mods galore all this made the game fun and allowed people to add to this great game. I always remembered running on horseback and hearing a howling of a werewolf in the distance signaling that I better run or stay and fight him(or her) down. The initial main story was interesting and took hours and hours of my time not including all the time running around a section of the game map just to see what was there for me to investigate or plunder. The graphics are damn well put together even til today they are still good and the game ran smoothly no matter what computer I used, even the Xbox. All in all I feel this is a classic game and it will likely to still be talked about for years to come.