Beautiful but without spice. See the good and bad points of Oblivion according to me

User Rating: 7 | The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PC
- the most beautiful landscapes, sunsets, natural scenery etc I have ever seen in a video game, beautiful colors & visually superb
- very big world to explore that feels very realistic in it's own fantastical way
- lots of quests that that can keep you going on for a long time
- freedom to choose, from the many choices to create your character to playing through the story lines of the game in (almost) any order and way you like

- main story line is thin and covers less than half of the game contents, does not build up in an epic way, leading to an anti climactic ending
- characters (even the more essential ones) living in the Oblivion world have very bland personalities and stereotypes are often repeated. Besides, the whole population talks with a variation of about 10 different voices, making different characters even less distinct.
- Freedom vs. main storyline consistency can sometimes clash in terms of logic, e.g. lethally attacking one of the main story line involved characters (means > cannot die) does not stop the same attacked person complimenting you on one or other feat you have accomplished only a moment later
- Repetitive nature of quests make the game turn tedious every now and then