vary good game for the ps3 owners get it

User Rating: 9.5 | The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PS3
This is a great game to get if you have a ps3 get this game some good about it. It has improved since. The 360 version faster load times better graphics and you can see longer into the distance witch is not that big of a deal but its nice i would say if you have not got this game. Yet and you have a 360 and ps3 get the ps3 version the story is a great one value this game will take you a long time to beat since its a rpg and the ps3 version. Comes with the the Knights of the Nine. So evan more quest than the 360 version and the combat is great you can play the game in 1st person witch is awesome or you can play 3rd person witch is great to. sometimes tho the game will freeze or lag on you it does that on all versions but the ps3 one is less so it does not get in your way that much but it does bring down the gameplay. So overall this game is just a great game take you along. Time to beat so if you have a ps3 and like rpg's this is your chance get this game.