Oblivion is immense RPG that leads you to the land of Cyrodill as you interact with odd and interesting characters.

User Rating: 9.5 | The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion X360
You start out in Oblivion as a prisoner like previous Elder Scrolls games. You awake to the sounds of an Argonian (lizard like creatures) taunting you saying the guards are coming down the steps to execute you. As if on que the emperor of tamriel marches down the steps with the guards only for you to realize your cell contains a secret passage out of the dungeon. As you make your way through the dungeon and the plot unfolds as you discover a crysis as portals to a land called oblivion are popping up everywhere and a plan to assassinate the emperor is at large. After the emperor is assassinated right in front of you by a mysteriously cloaked figure. The guard rushes in and kills the assassin and says that only you can save tamriel. He hands you the amulet of kings and tells you to find the heir to the throne who is currently in hiding and does not know he is the heir. Once you escape the underground sewers you set out on your quest to save tamriel while exploring the world and obtaining quests from interesting funny and odd characters. The world is extremely interactive, but is also plagued by a vast array of bugs as chunks of the world can be missing, certain characters don't appear where they are suspposed to and the tendency to clip into a wall. Often npcs can tend to be stupid, for example, a bandit npc may accidentally set off his own trap. Or another npc might miss his target and hit someone else thus engaging the two in a fight to the death. The guards only way of intervention in fights like this is to hack and slash till someone dies. All out Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a fun interactive RPG and I would recommend it to any Bethesda fan and to any fan of hardcore RPG games.