You might lose a social life

User Rating: 10 | The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion X360
This game was one of the best games i have ever bought for my 360. I say this game addictive b/c there is no other word for a game that's just so mindblowing. My only mistake was waiting to buy this game. When i first got the game i thought to myself that it would be a good game, but honestly i had no idea how immerse this game was. Some might not like the game b/c of it's medeval times setting but don't let that get in the way of one of the best games, b/c despite the horses, castles, swords, and shields, there is a world for you to discover. I find myself ridong my horse to my castle and once i get there i talk to the people running my castle, then i head off to my bedroom where i have every shield in the game (almost, and its for decorations) as well as some of the best armor suits in the game. What im trying to say is that you don't only kill monster and gain expierence but you can create a whole new life and b/c one of the most popular people in cyrodill. I would have gave this game a score higher than 10 if they let it, and notice for my reviews that i never give a game a perfect 10 unless i truly believe that it's a good game. Also im shocked that it's such a good game w/o a multiplayer