Don't listen to the negative reviews: This is a game worth playing!

User Rating: 9.8 | The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion X360
Oblivion...boy what a game! Some may call it a dumbed down Morrowind (I played ESIII before the news about ESIV even came out) but I call it a HUGE improvement on everything that Morrowind did wrong. The first thing you may notice about the game are the graphics. And they are excellent. The draw distance is almost nonexistant and the full feeling of nature really shows. Towns are swarming with villagers, quests, and surprises. And from my experience it will take around your 10th hour in the game to even have a glimpse at what is in Cyrodiil. The sound is a huge improvement over the ones in Morrowind. You now have more music instead of the same three songs that played in the latter games. The most impressive feat though, is the full voice-acting. Sure, some may argue that it is repetitive and lacks personality, but this is still great because of the above-average voice-acting. My one gripe is that after a few hours of the game it becomes really repetitive and uninteresting. Not to mention the akward sounding conversations NPC's like to have. The gameplay is what really sticks out here. Instead of failing through a mudcrab like you did in Morrowind, you instead actually hit the monster when you attack everytime! Haha, I know that sounds pathetic but if you play Morrowind you would know why. Bottom Line - This is an excellent RPG that can hold your intrest and will never let go for days. -Quick Pro/Con Guide- Pros
+ Great Graphics + Above-Average Story + Improved Combat + HUGE world (16 square miles) + Tons of Quests + 5 Storylines (Main Quest, Thieves Guild, Fighter's Guild, Mage's Guild, and the Dark Brotherhood)
+ 200-plus hours of gameplay Cons - Blurry textures show up at distances - Repetitive voices - Smaller amount of items compared to Morrowind - Loading times are sometimes frustrating - Minor glitches here and there