Great stepping stone, and ideal RPG.

User Rating: 9.5 | The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion X360
This was my first RPG, and great experience playing a 360 game. So, my view is a little biased. But basically this game is just flat out, amazing. Sure, you can't bond with characters or use your staff for melee but the immersive quests and scenery make it worth while. Plus, at the time no one had seen anything like this game. I'm a tolkien fanatic so anytime a fantasy game, resembles it i get pissed especially when someone botches it. Sure Oblivion has the same creatures but Bethesda has did their best speciating their games from Lord of the Rings. Their pretty different... although the staves and the soul gems still kind of piss me off. Just play this game, even though it doesnt look as good as skyrim. It will shed some light on the elder scrolls mythology. if your not interested then go back to COD