One of the Most Immersive game that i have ever played.

User Rating: 9.7 | The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion X360
Oblivion is probably the most immersive game that I have ever put on my T.V screen. I have, on countless times, played this game and before I knew what had happened, 3 hours had passed. The game also has fantastic gameplay. This is a game where you can literally do anything you want. You feel like going and killing some goblins or vampires (the fighting is also very well done in the game, you feel every blow with the screen shaking and you controller vibrating) in a gritty cavern laced with traps to hurt you, go for it. Want to go to the market and try to rip off some store owners so you can earn a profit at the next shop? Go for it. See a rich lady that probably has some great treasures lying around in house. Why not lurk around until midnight then sneak in and take her clothes from her dresser next to her bed while she is in it then take the money from her pocket? The game lets you. Or maybe you just want to hang around the Arcane University and make some new spells and potion to benefit you next time you go adventuring. Or maybe you just want some relaxing time in the woods where you can walk around and discover new plants to heal you of that pesky poison from that enchanted dagger the bandit had with him or explore the mountain that you see in the distance. Or maybe you don’t want to do any of this, you just want to buy a bunch of watermelons and race them down the stairs for a while. Whatever this is YOUR gaming experience; Bethesda doesn’t force you to experience any of it. All of this is possible to do, and you can do this at any time that you want. The game never hurries you along with completing the main quest either. Take you time, enjoy the ride. Along with all that the game has fantastic graphics and you can play the game multiple times with different characters and have a completely different experience and not do the same quest twice.

It hard to recommend this game highly enough unless you are a person who likes strict order in your video games.

Have fun playing.