No. Just no. A perfect game that mobile phones ruined.

User Rating: 3 | The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion MOBI
When I first heard that ESIV was coming out on mobile phones, I could only imagine the ensuing disaster. The Elder Scrolls series is just not meant for phones. Rven though it's not completely terrible if you only own a cell phone, but as an Oblivion 360 owner, it is just horrible. The detail that made Oblivion the best console game of all time simply cannot be conveyed onto a phone. I weep for this demented Oblivion. What was Bethesda thinking when they let Oblivion go to phones?! What an atrocity. The controls are scrapped, the detail, the fun; everything is gone! Do not get this game. Plus, just think of how much space it will take up on your phone, and how much data providers are probably charging.