An open world game where you hate the open world

User Rating: 5 | The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PC

The bad

1. The engine was terrible.

2. The art style was generic with terrible character models

3. The voice acting was terrible.

4. A boring cult ends the world story. Which it shouldn't be, as half the lore books you pick up in the world tell much more interesting stories. This is dumbed down for the masses, basically.

5. The combat is simplified to the point it's barely an rpg

6. The difficulty operates on a slider, where they simply increase HP and damage of enemies.

7. Do you want to explore the open world environment? Well, good luck with that because we're going to spam you with enemies every ten feet. Hope you like repetitive combat music.

8. Think riding a horse a full sprint is an exciting experience? Nope, it's like steering a boat.

9. Daggerfall had a branching storyline, here it's dumbed down console kids, no choice of consequences, almost single lines of text so you don't get too confoozed.

10. No creativity in the combat in any regard. See thing, wack wack. Sneak, hit hit. As you level up it becomes stronger, nothing much else.

11. Cities and roads feel dead.

12. You can't commit murders without being caught, regardless if no one is in the room.

13. Oblivion/dungeons are boring. Almost no traps, simple A to B wackathons.

The Good

1. The lore books, on pretty much anything and everything do an exceptional job of building the world.

2. Kvatch was pretty cool

Hard game to recommend when Skyrim exists. Unless you're a die hard fan, probably better playing.. well, anything really.

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