A well-made RPG.

User Rating: 9 | The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PC

I've read so much great things and so many reviews about this game that I felt compelled in trying it. The game itself is a pure RPG. You've got tons of quests and you can upgrade almost everything: you, your armour, stamina and even your cuirass. You can repair your armour or weapons. You can buy, steal, cheat on everyone. The main quest took me about 17 hours to finish it and I must say it's great. On my computer I had no problem of playing it on high resolution and everything to the max. But the, when the first appeared I couldn't do it. You can collect everything from any foes you've taken to the ground.

There are some breathtaking landscapes. The music is there, in the background of everything. You've got books you can read. You can collect and pick up fruits, flowers or plants which can be mixed up in giving you potions. You can ride a horse too.

Overall, it's a must-play.