Close the jaws of oblivion..

User Rating: 7 | The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Collector's Edition) X360


-beautiful scenery
-seemingly limitless skill tree and weapons


-some glitches, Mojo (the dog) getting stuck in/running through the walls in the Anvil fighters guild

To begin like many RPGs and adventure games you must first pick a name, gender and race for the would-be hero. With the wide range of races Bethesda have created, each with their own strengths and weakness, there is most likely got a character seemingly made just for you! You can chose to view Cyrodil in a FPS-style mode (through the eyes of your character) and see your enemies up close and personal or play it from a behind-the-back perspective and take in your surroundings and make more tactical battle strategies .

The story begins with an introduction cut-scene voiced over by Patrick Stewart (Srar Wars: The Next Generation) You will find yourself in an Imperial jail cell, and after a ‘friendly’ chat a bit of ‘advice’ from the inmate across the hall from you get a special visit from the Emperor himself.

The Emperor is escaping the city through a secret passage that just (conveniently) happens to be in your cell. He stops to tell you of his grim premonition , and lets you tag along with him and his guards.

Here is where you will meet your first enemies rats, goblins and Mystic Dawn mages. Whichever weapon you chose to take out these enimies (blade, magic or your fists) will start adding towards your skill tree. It shouldn't take you too long to wind your way through the maze of tunnels and your free to explore Cyrodil!

If you opt to stick to the main questline and breeze through the game spending around 40 hours on it or wonder off the beaten path and work for the underground groups theives and vampires, or become a wizard or soldier and help the people. The latter option might have you pouring over 100 hours into the game (but you'd probably have more fun - and pick up all available achievements)

The final battle was quite an awesome feat. I found myself re-loading my last save and playing through the lead up to the closing of the game just to watch the final cut-scene a couple more times from different angles.

A very well made game for it's time and I can see why the game has the following of fans that it does!