The staff of sheogorath

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I just lost the staff of sheogorath, after completing the shivering isles expansion i got the staff and i put it in a container only to come back to find it gone and i dont have any previous saves, how many of you also lost the staff
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Hi! I completed the shivering isles and got the staff also, but put it in a container in one of my houses so it wouldn't disappear. I didn't think it was all that useful anyway, so it's still there. If you really want it again you could look up the item code on one of the cheat sites online and respawn it. You need to be careful where you leave things or you could lose all types of goodies in the wrong chests. I see that you asked about this a long time ago and probably don't care anymore, but I thought I would answer.

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Man, I've lost it too....there's something about it haha