Ongoing Oblivion crashes on PC

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I have had the game for several years, but never been able to get past a glitch that keeps cropping up. I'm level 33, completed the Mage, the Thief, the Fighters quests, still working on the Dark Bro. In the main quest I am working on closing gates outside the cities and looking for aid to Bruma. when I reach the point of taking the sigil stone outside Anvil, I cannot pick up the stone. Also, when I went into Sancre Tor with the key from Juaffre the inner wooden door will not respond and open. It looks like it moves a bit, but that's all. I've already closed 16 gates in my wanderings about the land, so the one at Anvil should be easy. ??? Also, and extremely annoying, at this point in the game the flashes from magic, destruction or healing spells and the effect from my magical weapons do not disperse, just hang in the air or around the various characters. I have thought about the unofficial patch, but cannot find it without the site trying to install a bunch of garbage apps to my PC. any advice would be appreciated. Thanks