Need Some Input About Guilds, Let me KNow what u think

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Okay So I Guess ill Just Jump Right In, 1st A simple question If I get kicked from a guild, can I always Rejoin No matter what I did or how many times I have been kicked? I Should Say that I want to Be in Every Guild At the Same time, and I Have Read a lot About Joining all the Guilds, And Most say You can, But I just Started Back Up Playing Again But I First Started Playing a While ago And Quit But I remember there was A reason I couldnt Just GO randomly join any Cuz I wouldnt Be allowed to Join another guild because of something I did In the previous Guild.... Okay let me Put it a different Way. Okay.. So When i first Played I remember I was gonna join the Guilds in a certain order so I didnt have to do Pilgrimage or something like that, B/C Lets say I join the Fighters and DB, i Would Get Booted B/C i had to kill someone, and B/C of My Infamy/ Fame. so i wouldnt be able to join the Fighters IF my infamy is over 1 OR higher that my Fame or something like that... and If i was in the MG and TG i would have to steal something From The MG and then Get Booted. Also i have to Figure in The Leveled Items I get From Guilds Mainly The Dark Brotherhood. (DB has the most LVL'D items- All Best At lvl 30) So ill Probably Do The Dark Brotherhood Quests Last To get the Best Possible Lvld Items. *(DB Has 7 Lvl Items, - Mages G Has 6 - Fighters Guild Has *2* --And The Thief G Dont Have Any Lvld Item)* So What order should i Join the Guilds In, So That NOTHING Conflicts With each other. Okay so ill Tell You what im Thinking about Doing & Why, And you tell me Your Thoughts On it And/Or what you Did. Or If What im Thinking of Will Even Work I was thinking Like this 1st -Thiefs G, 2nd- Fighters G, 3rd- Mage G, 4th- Dark B. --Okay so Ill Most Likely Do the Thief Guild Quest First For a couple Reasons, Because I have to Steal From the Mage Guild And Because It Doesn't Have Any Leveled Items, --Then, The Fighters Guild, cuz i Only have to be lvl 10 For the Lvl Items, And Because If i do it early My Fame Will Be More than Infamy, --3rd Will be The Mages Guild, 3rd Because i want to do Dark Brotherhood Last, --4th Is Dark BrotherHood, that Way ill Be around lvl 30 For the Leveled Items and It Wont Matter if I kill PPL / Get High Infamy Because ill already be in the Fighters Guild... So What do You think of this, Will It work, Or Do you know a better Way or order to Join The Guilds Let me Know, Im Sorry for How long this Post is But Thanks For Reading, Leave any responses You like Even If u Only have a Comment / Remark about my plan. I Appreciate Your Speedy Responses, Thank You, JameyD lol I just realized that When i do the DB Quest Ill most likely Get Kicked From The FG But i dont know for sure, (P.s?) Also I would Only Like to Do the Pilgrimage One time If at all possible. Errgg this is so much work