A couple Questions About Guilds (In-Depth)

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Okay So I Guess ill Just Jump Right In, 1st A simple question If I get kicked from a guild, can I always Rejoin No matter what I did or how many times I have been kicked? I Should Say that I want to Be in Every Guild At the Same time, and I Have Read a lot About Joining all the Guilds, And Most say You can, But I just Started Back Up Playing Again But I First Started Playing a While ago And Quit But I remember there was A reason I couldnt Just GO randomly join any Cuz I wouldnt Be allowed to Join another guild because of something I did In the previous Guild.... Okay let me Put it a different Way. Okay.. So When i first Played I remember I was gonna join the Guilds in a certain order so I didnt have to do Pilgrimage or something like that, B/C Lets say I join the Fighters and DB, i Would Get Booted B/C i had to kill someone, and B/C of My Infamy/ Fame. so i wouldnt be able to join the Fighters IF my infamy is over 1 OR higher that my Fame or something like that... and If i was in the MG and TG i would have to steal something From The MG and then Get Booted. Also i have to Figure in The Leveled Items I get From Guilds Mainly The Dark Brotherhood. (DB has the most LVL'D items- All Best At lvl 30) So ill Probably Do The Dark Brotherhood Quests Last To get the Best Possible Lvld Items. *(DB Has 7 Lvl Items, - Mages G Has 6 - Fighters Guild Has *2* --And The Thief G Dont Have Any Lvld Item)* So What order should i Join the Guilds In, So That NOTHING Conflicts With each other. Okay so ill Tell You what im Thinking about Doing & Why, And you tell me Your Thoughts On it And/Or what you Did. Or If What im Thinking of Will Even Work I was thinking Like this 1st -Thiefs G, 2nd- Fighters G, 3rd- Mage G, 4th- Dark B. --Okay so Ill Most Likely Do the Thief Guild Quest First For a couple Reasons, Because I have to Steal From the Mage Guild And Because It Doesn't Have Any Leveled Items, --Then, The Fighters Guild, cuz i Only have to be lvl 10 For the Lvl Items, And Because If i do it early My Fame Will Be More than Infamy, --3rd Will be The Mages Guild, 3rd Because i want to do Dark Brotherhood Last, --4th Is Dark BrotherHood, that Way ill Be around lvl 30 For the Leveled Items and It Wont Matter if I kill PPL / Get High Infamy Because ill already be in the Fighters Guild... So What do You think of this, Will It work, Or Do you know a better Way or order to Join The Guilds Let me Know, Im Sorry for How long this Post is But Thanks For Reading, Leave any responses You like Even If u Only have a Comment / Remark about my plan. I Appreciate Your Speedy Responses, Thank You, JameyD lol I just realized that When i do the DB Quest Ill most likely Get Kicked From The FG But i dont know for sure, (P.s?) Also I would Only Like to Do the Pilgrimage One time If at all possible. Errgg this is so much work
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Hi. Just wandered in and read your post. I don't know if you still have the same questions but I'll tell you what I've done. I actually worked on most of the quests at the same time and in random order. Whatever I felt like messing with at the time. Your mention of taking something from the Mages guild at one point doesn't hurt anything as you are tasked with returning it later. I'm the Arch Mage, the head of the fighters guild and head of the thieves guild at this point. Still holding off on the Dark Bros as I felt like going back to the main quest at this point. If you save the map of the way shrines you can go back around later if you want to be liked again. Anyway, have fun!

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Thanks a lot for the informative post. I was looking for such info myself.