I never want to stop playing this game

User Rating: 9.6 | The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind PC
This game is astounding. I've only had it for a couple of weeks and I just don't ever want to stop. The game is HUGE, but brilliant. The entire island of Vvardenell has been hand-crafted (how long must that have taken???) for you to explore with your character, which by the way can be customized however you like, giving you so many possibilities that you can (and will) play it again and again. You have main quests which you do, although you can ignore them for as long as you want and go off exploring, finding caves, tombs, dungeons and all kinds of wonderful things hidden away off the beaten track. There are also many side quests you can do for many many people, and lots of groups you can join to do yet more quests and work your way up the ranks. This is a beautiful game - and the only game I've ever played where I've been on the west coast and it's early evening, and I've just stood to watch the sun go down over the rippling water just to admire the incredible view. There are also excellent changing weather effects, from sunny/cloudy days to sandstorms to fog to downpours to thunder and lightning (which can make you jump if you're in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night). There is also a construction set (game of the year edition only? not sure) meaning you can make your own islands, characters, houses, monsters, treasure, anytihng you want - or of couse you can be like me and just take advantage of all the wonderful fan-made mods and plug-ins out there, making the game even bigger! If you are an RPG fan, or even just a computer game fan, please buy this game, preferably the Game of the Year edition because it includes two explansion packs which include a really useful quest list and the ability to make notes on the map (can't tell you how useful that is).

Gameplay - 9 - People put the gameplay down a bit but I think it does everything it needs to, and I absolutely love it.

Graphics - 9 - I have found some very small glitches in it but overall the game is just beautiful, takes your breath away. Watch the sunset some time, you won't regret it.

Sound - 10 - The sounds in this game are fantastic, the voices of the various NPC's is very good and general effects really draw you into the game. The music, although fantastic, can get a bit repetitive when you've been spening 100's of hours playing, but you can add mp3's to the data folder and the game will play all of them. Brilliant.

Replayability - 9 - Although (I assume) the island will be exactly the same every time, as will the quests, characters and everything else, you can still do whatever ever you want, whenever you want, in any order, and over such an absolutely massive island that you will no doubt forget a lot of what you've done by the time you've completed it, and there's no doubt you will miss things each time you go through. Also, with the custom character/class option you can be a very different character from what you've been before. With GOTY you also have a difficulty slider (about 200 settings or something crazy!) which you can up to make it harder too if you want.

Overall - 9.6 although even that sounds a little bit too low to me, I have a PC and a PS2 and a huge amount of games I love on both, but since I've got Morrowind there is simply no other game I want to play, and I can see it staying that way for a very very long time to come. Enjoy.