For Morrowind fans who can't get enough of it and fancy an environmental change as well.

User Rating: 7.5 | The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon PC
Bloodmoon is a welcome addition to Morrowind where it extends the free-form exploring feature unique to the game via a whole new medium-sized island to discover its caverns and tombs, this time in a snowy landscape. Nordic-inspired frost creatures and runestones mark the landscape, encouraging a refreshing take on exploration for Morrowind fans.

I don't see any significant improvements to the game, where Tribunal already solved the Quest Log problem, but similarly frustrating issues still exist here, which is the ever vague directions and instructions that have you running in circles, where the blizzard weather doesn't help in your view except for looking pretty as a graphic treat back in 2003. One such main quest will implore you to search high and low around the island through riddles, which is actually fun if not for the misleading cues and fuzzy landmarks.

Combat is much harder, especially against the werewolves, and although Tribunal's endgame unique weapons serve my Redguard well, most fights are still difficult without proper buffs. Sound aesthetic-wise, although music is recycled, most of the soundtracks are timeless pieces which loop well, but some repetitive sound effects are a little annoying, especially the hog squeals from a few variety of its dominant creatures prowling the map. All in all, a nice expansion if you're a hardcore Elder Scrolls fan.