A classic if not marred by bugs and some gameplay aesthetics.

User Rating: 8 | The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind PC
Morrowind came out at a time when the Lord of the Rings trilogy was a hit, and it was one of the games that closest match the movie in an interactive standpoint, sometimes much better than the official LOTR games I feel. But alas, the game was riddled by a lot of user unfriendly features and a share of bugs, though forgivable due to the game's complexity, which was very impressive back then.

The sweeping score is memorable and emotionally aids in exploring the vast lands, and anyway, you need the music to calm you down as most of the journey is literally holding on to the 'Shift' + 'W' key, without the fast travel functions in the Fallout series developed by Bethesda Softworks. In fact, more than half the game is about point A to B travelling, mundane backtracking and getting lost while on it, especially in the city of Vivec. But ironically, one of the most enjoyable things to do in Morrowind is to explore and discover the occasional ancestral tomb to ransack.

Combat is not really satisfying to me due to the stiff animations and limited tactics, and leveling up in Morrowind is quite random and a pain to micromanage, you'll see for yourself if you haven't played Elder Scrolls before. Navigating quests in Morrowind is frustrating not only due to the sheer number of them, but because of the painfully inflexible and linear journal, which functions more like a real diary than a quest manager, which is one of the reasons I abandon the game after already 40 hours while not even halfway back in 2002, because simply, I forgot what I was supposed to do. That only happens in real life if you multi-task and don't keep a record :) So be warned. Also, there are tons of stuff to read, so it's not for those impatient action gamers.

ShadowMoses900 nailed it in his review back in 2012 in terms of expectations of playing Morrowind 10 years later, of which most of the hits and misses are very true, so read it when you wish to attempt to play it now. I would say Morrowind is a joyous classic if not for the travelling issues and user interface oversights, but the complex mechanics did pave the way for Bethesda Softworks to improve on the later Elder Scroll series and eventually clinch the deal for Fallout 3 and New Vegas, of which I'm glad they did.