Morgiah's Wedding Letter

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So I just picked up Daggerfall for the 15th time in hopes to beat this game, (as I have for the rest of the TES series) but I am stuck at a bug. I installed the game using DaggerfallSetup from I have the latest patch and fixes to everything ( I believe). So my problem is that after I turn in the response letter from the Necromancer to Morgiah and if I fast travel, lets say back to Daggerfall and it takes more than 20 days my game freezes. Or I mess around and play for around the same amount of days, I get a courier bringing me what I believe is Morgiah's wedding announcement. The game freezes there as well. I also knowticed in the DOSBOX logs it comes up with "Illegal write to 2000xxx, CS:IP 838: 1cd34a" Any suggestions as to what caused this or how to fix this? I really don't want to start back at the starting dungeon -_-...