User Rating: 10 | The Elder Scrolls: Arena PC
This game is the best game ever invented! There are 2,500 magical items, over 400 cities and towns and villages for you to explore, over 8 million square kilometers to explore! There are 18 character classes and 8 unique races. Also, this is the first chapter in the Elder Scrolls Series, So 8 of the Races you play today were made in Arena! So, you are on you journey to receive the 3 pieces of the staff of chaos as you travel through forbidden crypts, where cries of the forsaken echo through ancient tombs and mystical guardians hold secrets to the past! Fight Deadly monsters such as Medusas, Orcs, Vampires and many other deadly creatures on your way to finish your journey. For your quest you awaken in the Imperial dungeon guided by a woman's spirit who believes that you can stop Jagar Tharn! A man who has trapped the emperor with the staff of chaos and separated all 3 parts of the staff! Now you must go through fierce dungeons while Jagar will do anything to stop you from getting your hands on all pieces of the staff! Can you make it? Or will Jagar Be the King of Tamrial!