Warning: This game doesn't really have anything to do with arenas.

User Rating: 10 | The Elder Scrolls: Arena PC
I've never played this game before, but having seen the Bluffer's Guide to the Elder Scrolls, I understand the following three critical points: it's the progenitor of The Elder Scrolls, a video game series that is to amazing games in the role-playing (not THAT kind of role-playing!) genre as Fallout 3 is to terrible third-person cameras; it doesn't really have all that much to do with arenas, arena combat, or the movie Gladiator; and it looks like that one shooting game with robo-Hitler.

In understanding these three things, I feel like I know enough to accurately describe in a vaguely critical way what this game is all about, and in doing so apply to it a numerical value that people out there on the greater Internets (all four of them) will no doubt discuss in heated tones while most likely anonymous.

Luckily, this numerical value is the highest of the numerical values, so I won't have any of these mouth-breathers (who have ALSO never played this game, I may add) heatedly and anonymously discussing how I dared to give it less than the highest of the numerical values available in my arsenal of numbering.