Awesome Game

User Rating: 10 | The Elder Scrolls: Arena PC
This game was the best game ever. loved it and i think you should buy it too cause why not? get the best game ever. if you don't you just hate all games and think gaming is stupid. I loved this game. I played it all the time. My friends came over and we played it together. My mom made macaroni and cheese and we ate it and we liked it. My teacher says everyone special and special people need games to play when they get sad so i play this game when i'm sad and then i feel better especilly when i play with friends like Joe and Kyle. Thier cool but there not special like me. My teacher ses respect al people, not just specil ones so i respect evryone big and small and medium size. Best game ever if you agree with me then your not a loser and you like games just like me and we can be friends and play the game together at my house and my mom can make macaroni and cheese and we can have a lot of fun.