User Rating: 8 | The Elder Scrolls: Arena PC
never thought i would do a elder scrolls game well im doing the first from 1994.i just got this game a month ago for $100 dollars brand new and i stayed up playing it a this game for 1994 was get to custmoize your person.all that great stuff.the graphics are slimar to wolfenstein 3d graphics on the pc which is a good thing because that game looked good on the other thing i love about this game is the fact that you can level up get equipment to help you rather then to waste your time like other games i also have this map which on the top of the map in the middle there is a knight hemlet and the words "Empire Of Camriel" im going to name my son not really.just like other Elder Scrolls game well this was the first one you get to fight these awesome monsters and creatures or regular the storyline to this game i wont give away but its like going to disneyland its awesome and its also a really long game.takes about well at least for me 32 hours to might take people less time or maybe more.the textures in the game are awesome you see cracks on the wall and man thinking about this game wants me to review the orginal fallout even though they have nothing to do with each other and the orginal fallout has diffrent gameplay then elder scrolls arena.anyway there it is my 100th review i hope that you really enjoyed please recommend this review do it for 2013 do it for star wars it for whatever and all im goona say is christmas is over and hapy new years from classicgamejunk.