The Elder Scrolls: Arena Cheats For PC

  1. Boosting stats by editing save game files (HEX editor required)

    Stats are stored in the save game files, which are name saveengn.xx, where xx is the save game number based on the slot you use (for example: the top slot would be saveengn.00, the second saveengn.01, and so on). You must be able to HEX edit. For example, you can give a character 1,000,000,000 GP like this:
    (In the file)

    Offset 41E 18
    Offset 41F FA
    Offset 420 C4 80
    Offset 421 83 F8

    Offset 041F is part of the field for Gold. Change it from what it is to CC to get around 65K gold pieces. Offset 040C is part of the field for Experience. Change it from 48 to 4F to get around 1.28 x 10^11 Experience points.

    Field covers 4 bytes - 409 to 40C (hex) 409 holds the lowest value and 40C holds the highest value.

    To give a character more attribute points make the following change: (next fight gives the points)

    Offset 006 87 (make character level 1)

    At the time of the next fight you will get a bunch of points to distribute. The number depends on the difference between level 1 and the character's current level. Do not go to 100 for each attribute as that will hang the game next time the character gains a level. Leave at least (6*(26-current level)) points available for distribution. If the idea is to increase stats, use the offset 006 change until the values you want to increase are high enough.

    It is much easier to edit the spells, since they're kept in clear hex. Use Spellmaker to create a spell that does 1-1 pts of damage, +1-1/level, then look the spell up in the SPELLS.xx file (where xx is the savegame #), and change it to 99-99, + 99-99/level, etc, etc. You can change other factors such as chance and duration. There are also two effects (Cage and Death Spell) that seem to never have been implemented, but activating them and using them is not advisable, as that will result in disharmonious outcomes.

    Contributed by: RPGBob 

  2. Free rooms in inns

    This will allow you to sleep in inns without paying. First, save your game outside the inn you wish to stay in. Go in, talk to the inn owner and get a room. Reload the game and go back into the inn. Even though you did not pay for it in the saved game, you will still be allowed to sleep in the inn.

    Contributed by: RPGBob 

  3. Duplicate Items

    First you will need to go to a blacksmith and give him some equipment to repair.
    Now go rest until it is done and return for it. In the repair screen select status and then the item you wish to duplicate. You will have the message "X has been repaired". Now choose cancel and exit out of the buy sell screen. At this point re-enter the buy sell screen and select repair again. Now go to status and the item you just got back should be there for the taking once again. Using this glitch will allow you to aquire money extreamely quickly.

    Contributed by: Xazantos 

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