Incredible art style, crazy action, beautiful music, blood, gore, and an oversized syringe as a weapon...nothing better!

User Rating: 9.5 | The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile X360
I haven't played the original Dishwasher game; were it not for most reviews stating that Vampire Smile is much better, I would have downloaded it right away after playing Vampire Smile.
Gameplay in Vampire Smile is excellent - responsive, accurate, and with just the right learning curve. The button mashing nature you start with quickly washes away after you realize that button mashing will land you in the 'Continue' screen rather quickly. From executing simple kills, to chaining air-bourne combos, everything is fast and on-the mark. Button mapping in its default state is also intuitive and probably does not need any change.
The musical score is on par with the best of them - it doesn't include any vast orchestral arrangements, or music that brings tears to your eyes... but heck, you don't want that in a blood bath anyway! The electric heavy metal score is beautiful, dramatic, and matches the artistic force in Vampire Smile to a fault. The sound effects are crisp and announced despite the rockin' beats. I would have appreciated some voice acting, but didn't honestly expect it in an Indie game. Maybe next iteration :)
The graphics are washed with atmospheric effects, altering color tones, well directed blur effects, and BLOOD. Yes, copious amounts of blood exist here. The level design is simple enough to make the game linear, but the occasional hidden room is a welcome detour. The bosses are varied and accenuate the linearly increasing difficulty curve. They're a pleasure to die before, and a pleasure to slay.
Overall this game is a blast with a lot of replay value. Not only do you have two choices of story lines, but the character play styles are different enough to actually enjoy the game twice. Also, the multiplayer is a blast! I haven't played much of it, but whatever time I spent online was time well wasted.
I would highly recommend this game at a much steeper price; having it at $10 makes the purchase a no brainer.