Great story, a movie should've been made instead of the game!

User Rating: 8.5 | The Dig PC
The game was a lot more serious than the other titles from LucasArts, but when you go through the story - it probably was a good thing. The story was brilliant and the soundtrack was as good - very fitting I must say. However, there are some wisecracks in the game to give you a good laugh. Could do a couple of naughty things as well!

Graphics seemed average at the time but that didn't matter as you start thinking about the puzzles more than the graphics.

Voice acting and sound track was very good, which made me want a movie of this game.

Playability - overall very smooth but I remember finding it hard to solve some of the puzzles. Definitely not a kids game due to the difficulty but that was the beauty of it.

Why hasn't LucasArts released a good adventure game for a while??? The last one I played was Monkey island 4. Need more!