If you havent played this give it a chance and stick with it and its awesome

User Rating: 9 | The Darkness X360
Having played The Darkness 2 before playing the original I was expecting something at least fairly similar to its over the top gore carnage and somewhat cheesiness.. But The Darkness is a darker game with a slower pace and a very interesting involving story that I cared about seeing the outcome of.. One of the most surprising things about the game is its set as a somewhat open world game with 2 different subway stations and different locations to explore like chinatown, lower east side, gunners hill ect.. I found it to be quite confusing to me until I got a hang of the locations and where to go.. I did get lost a few times and had no idea where to go for awhile since the game just tells you in information generally where your mission is.. You gradually acquire the darkness powers and by using them you really do feel powerful in this game while without them you can get killed with just a few gunshot wounds.. Theres a wide assortment of weapons to blast away enemies but I always prefered the pistols and the darkness powers most of the time.. You can get creative with the serpent head power by hiding behind a corner and sending it out to tear apart the foes.. Another cool thing about the game is that you get small side missions from the people in the subway and minigames.. Some people want you to help them with things while others challenge you to minigames like find the ball and collecting coins.. The graphics in the game are subperb for how old it is with a dark gritty look to everything.. The sound effects, music and voice acting are top of the line for this and really make the story even better.. The game is an incredibley good game for how old it is and is now probably one of my top 10 favorite FPS.