Good game too bad the online kinda sucks and other thins read on:

User Rating: 8 | The Darkness X360
the positiv first

- good graphic/game mechanics..uses it pretty welll

- story

- dark

- good character models and how they act and speaks (voice) actors!!=)

- enviroment,,tunnels,,building,,car chase

- bloody

- good prove of the point in the game

- cool weapons and the mechanis of them

- good music

- cool things u can unlock

- nice stages and lever play

- u want to play it cuz of what the characters,say,do feel,,and tell and their secrets

the negative :

- a little lack of depht

- feels a liitle acward and cheap

- the mechanics can stutter

- cheap music

- cheap online mode,,can get boring fast

- Lag

- can be too difficult at times


Summary -- a good game wich feeels like have been painted on a screen more than a game

8 / 10 ,, = good enough=))

good just like art itself D