A very dark game with fun game play and an amazing story, yet, let down by it's lifespan.....

User Rating: 8 | The Darkness PS3
The Darkness-An underrated First person shooter.
The Darkness is one of those games that one person could adore, the next could despise. There are so many amazing things that the darkness has-Great Story, Great acting, fun game play, amazing opening, ect. Then again, there are some things that you will hate about The Darkness-Terrible online, some noticeable glitches, Extremely short, dull side missions, ect. Throughout the game, you will be using your guns more than your darkness powers, also you probably won't use the darklings much. They're fun to watch to see what mischief they get into.
The game is very, very cheap now, so if you wan't a game that has a gripping storyline but is fun at the same time, you should get this. Like I said, it is short, but most people will play it over and over because it's so fun!