The Darkness 2 : My point of view.

User Rating: 7.5 | The Darkness II PC
The Darkness 2 is a fast paced first person shooter with fast responds!The gameplay is really enjoyable and once you learn your way it will not disappoint you,on the contrary you will start loving it more and more.The talents give an extra something to the game as they strongly define your playstyle.Most of them are truly helpful(one must try the vortex).One thing that may get on your nerves is the eat heart/pick weapon confusion but you will get used to it.The story consists of the main character trying to find his lost girlfriend but its pretty decent.I played the game on hitman difficulty(thats like hard if the scale was easy,normal,hard,very hard) and i died more than plenty of times(blame cod).You want my opinion,well,i do believe that Darkness 2 is worth playing by all means cause it is something new and there is no way it will make you feel bored.