the darkness 2 is an amazing bloodbath game with amazing gameplay!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | The Darkness II PC
pc gamers can even have fun from console gamers in the darkness 2 cos the darkness 1 was not on pc, while the darkness is not exactly a proper sequel to the first its got the story very similar to the comic books of the darkness, this game is a must play, its has an amazing gameplay, where u can use anything to kill, or use your guns, or your demon arms or us things to slice the enemies in half, the game got alot of gore and blood, u can have 4 cruel and ugly executions to destroy your enemy while they give you ammo, shield health ecc, u can buy upgrades for weapons and demon arms with dark essence like energy dark bullets, swarm of insects and a black hole that cans suck enemies and many more, the story is good but short even u can replay with new game plus with all upgrades ecc, u have relics to collect as collectabiles, but u can find to do more things after the story in the vendettas campaigns where you can play as 4 characters in offline or online co op mode, u have a guy wuth a sword with the power of the darkness, and other 3 all with their darkness weapon type

if u want to slice enemies in half, cut theier heads and alot of gore like this pick up the darkness 2, the gameplay and shooting are amazing and the graphics are good too like a comic game,