Levels are linear and predictable

User Rating: 7.5 | The Darkness II PC
I think that this is an amazing sequel. The story is great, the darkling is a funny and entertaining companion, and the noir style graphics are awesome. The co op missions are awesome, they are missions that take place in the single player campaign, ex: Jackie wants someone, in co op you get that some one and bring them to him its awesome because in the campaign Vennie says "I'll talk to the new guys". Making me think "thats awesome". The powers are upgradeable and you will always feel powerful, you can do crazy killmoves and dispatch 10 enemies in maybe around a few seconds depending on how good you are. I recommend this game.The Darkness 2 introduces stunning new comic-book-graphics and some subtle, yet reasonable gameplay-changes. Further strong points are superb English (and solid German) voice-acting, an entertaining four-player-coop-mode and the bleak atmosphere throughout the game. The story is interesting, but not as gripping as in the prequel, and most of the boss-battles are pretty lame. Furthermore, the USK-version is heavily cut.