User Rating: 6 | The Darkness X360
i never expected much from this title...I played the demo offered on XBL and it never compelled me to go out and get the game. I found it for a decent price, so i picked it up and thought id give it a shot. Straight to the point, the graphics are pretty good....the animations work well and provide a good sense of atmosphere. The voice acting is well done, the accents are dead on and bring the story to life. I love the no HUD concept (or minimal). The control over the monsters is good and all but gets very boring over the course of the game...myself, i would say i was tired of it at about 80% done the game....by the end i was happy the whole thing was over. Its a decent game that tries something new, does some things interestingly...but doesn't keep the love flowing throughout. The multiplayer just feels tagged on.