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#1 professorXzaver
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I just started playing this old game over the weekend, and I absolutely love it.

1) The dialog is well done.

The characters have multiple quick phrases that they tell you. It's not just "nice to see you", followed by dead silence. If you walk up to that same character a second time, they will say a different phrase. This makes it lots of fun to interact with the characters, to hear what new things they have to say.

2) Many random objects in the environment that you can interact with.

Like the televisions that you can change the channel to watch a movie, or even watch music videos. Total time added all together, I probably spent over an hour watching random items on the televisions.

3) The characters are like-able.

The female lead Jenny is very nice, a regular "downtown" girl. She is not some stuck up, prissy blond girl, like what you see in some other games. The kiss scene while we were sitting together on the couch was very sweet, and established a nice connection between us.