The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    This place has changed a lot. A cold welcome
    Finish the game in easy mode. A real adventurer
    Suprise Nuri with a small gift. A romantic heart
    Have you rowed all the way here? Ahoy!
    I don't want to lie to you ... An honest man
    Research all of the library topics. Book worm
    Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Changing seasons
    Look! I can break that. Destroyer
    Spotting the hotspots on your own. Eagle-eye
    Unlock all achievements! Endurance
    Up, down, up, down ... Feelin' dizzy!
    Tight Lines! Fisherman
    Finish the game in hard mode without support functions. Hard-boiled adventurer
    Go ahead, do it! I don't care ... He died for the cause
    I wonder if I can repair that, too ... Healer
    Don't tell me, tell the horse! Horse-whisperer
    Modesty is a virtue. Humble servant
    The journey begins ... Into the big, wide world
    Yes, I do! Ladies man
    Could you switch the light on? Light board operator
    Now and then, boasting about yourself is okay. Loud-mouthed bragger
    Feel the cold steel! Mack the Knife
    Hit the basket straight away. Marksman
    No, I really don't want to! Not a ladies man
    Fast! Let's get away from here! On the run
    We need to be very, very careful! Orc splicer
    Promise Occulunculus a great birthday party. Party animal
    I don't intend to throw my money down the drain. Penny-pincher
    Keep someone from doing something stupid. Philantropist
    Let me go! Rise from the dirt
    Eavesdrop on the orcs thoroughly. Snoop
    That really defies the laws of physics! Strange realms
    Now it's everything or nothing! The lion's den
    A jolly good blow! Thruster
    Pretty swampy here ... Wet feet
    Now where have my pantaloons gone? World-whisperer

    Contributed by: Guard Master