If it was a Arcade game we would say its a good game!!!

User Rating: 7 | The Cursed Crusade X360
To me this is a good game, not worth the full price because to be truthful the game isn't brilliant the voice overs are really bad and it can be glitche.
But for a good price and i mean low like under ten its worth every penny,
you get alot of action, and it isn't hard to use the buttons but not dead simple that you get to bored, the story isn't brilliant but you can live with it.
The soundtracks alright not great but alright, this game is alright and i think if it came out as an arcade game it would be getting better reviews, i think this games worth a try as its not that bad really :)
Come to this game with and open mind have a laugh over the voice overs and some of the action lol just give it a chance it won't be everyones cup of tea,
and it isn't hard pretty easy game but for the day were your bored and your talking to xbox friends you can play and talk.