COMI is the story of pirates, monkeys, and Dinghy Dog.

User Rating: 9.4 | The Curse of Monkey Island PC
:Good Idea:
·Perfection in a story. The originals are terrific but this is pure perfection. LucasArts and SCUMM should never quit making games... ever.
·Insult fighting is back and this time they're better than ever!!
·Musical barbers.
·Graphics have been revamped to a new degree of art. It's amazing looking. Also the voice acting is celebrity top-notch.

:Bad Idea:
·Sometimes, this game is downright hard to figure out what to do next. Luckily, you can just download a FAQ or hint guide somewhere (GameFAQs) and just get to the next point.
·On today's systems with today's hardware, it's hard to get this game loaded up and running correctly without crashes, random sound/video issues.
·Clicking through multiplayer options for an hour.

·For a fan of top-notch humor, a fan of the adventure genre, and a fan of monkeys and pirates, this is definantly a game to get into. Celebrity voice acting. Great story. Pirates. What more do you need?