Returning to the now cartoony shoes of everyones favourate mighty pirate is great, and honestly? It's better than before

User Rating: 9.5 | The Curse of Monkey Island PC
Monkey Island 3 is the third instalment of the epic Monkey Island series of games from Lucas Arts, made during the golden age of point'n'click adventure games it, and, obviously for fans of the series, features the loveable protagonist and mighty pirate Guybrush Threepwood.

The game starts with Guybrush floating at sea, obviously hopelessly lost, in a fairground bumper car after the end of the second game, an ending which I refuse to mention for anyone who has not played the previous games. After a series of jokes regarding floating objects that Guybrush is writing about in his journal yet not actually noticing (i.e. Fresh fruit and clean drinking water) the camera moves away from our hero, who has been floating towards the battle being raged between the island and a large pirate ship that the camera has turned towards without noticing,the thunder of guns quickly brings his head up as he examines the scene. Zooming in on the ship players that are new to the series will see their first glimpse of the series' antagonist the zombie pirate; Captain LeChuck, who, after noticing Guybrush, rather politely shoots his bumper car and gives the order to fish him out of the water. After LeChuck has his cutlass short out of his hand by a character I have so far not mentioned, (The love interest since the first game)Elaine Marley, a young Governor of seemingly almost every other island that Guybrush goes to. Gladly after that the nice people at LucasArts grudgingly decided that the intro had gone on long enough and decided to let me play for a while until the next cutscene.

The two first things you'll notice playing this game if you've played one of, or both of, the previous games is the graphical update as well as speech, bringing the characters to life in ways we could only dream of in the previous games.
The graphics are excellent and well suited to a comedic adventure game as they have been changed from simple pixels to a beautiful and well shaded cartoon style, adding all manners of bright colours to the tropical settings.

Despite my moaning in the second paragraph the cutscenes after that are few and far-between allowing people to make the most of the wonderful gameplay. At the start you are given a choice between Hard and Normal modes of playing the game it doesn't really make too much of a difference and only some puzzles seem to be effected by it, never the less, the puzzles are well thought out and put you in a variety of situations including being swallowed by a snake, winning a banjo playing duel , and being smuggled onto a ship in the guise of some fried chicken. For fans of the Insult Swordfights in the first game you can't help but be happy when you hear that it's back and better than ever, and as a new addition to the game, you also get to have some rousing sea battles with other ships, making this feel like the most piratical game in the series, and in my opinion, this is also defiantly the best, even if you're new to the series the game doesn't punish you too hard for not knowing who or what people are, although the series has never really punished you for that, usually starting with some kind of journal entry or story that brings you up to date. Last but not least it's chocked fully of jokes that everyone (Although mostly the young and the immature) can laugh at.

This game has all the classic Monkey Island material and a bit more, making it one of the best games of all time and great for veterans of the series and newcomers alike.