Driver: San Francisco but with MMO elements

User Rating: 5 | The Crew PC

Not as bad as I thought first, played several hours and game is fine, enjoyable more with a full lobby rather than soloing around. The Crew has plenty of activities to choose from and from a bad point of view it quite forces you to do races once you touch the "corner"of sheet, presumably not having a pause and always online is one of the considerations what left me behind all the fun. Later on, ubistore becomes a problem with extensive and commom pop up meanwhile you get to garage and decide to upgrade any part, forcing to pay for minor looking parts (don't pay and your car will be left behind by a tier from requirements for a race), which grinding them meant to be forever race rape. However, cops free-roam, taking mantle in some missions as a cop is fun, but bland and quickly gets bored; this game has taken huge inspiration from Driver franchise (especially San Francisco, but unlikely The Crew, I often admire it for being of the better arcade games being exception to NFS franchise) with limited customization, closed open world (until you reach certain story part to unveil them), "blunt to face" p2w charge and wayy to many content for SP is not worthy the title of ONLINE ONLY racing and definitely not worth your full time. Want to try? Yeh, give it a chance, but don't get high hopes, peace out!