Great potential... worst experience of MOST any driving game. (There are some that are worse, but not many!)

User Rating: 4 | The Crew: Calling All Units PC

Disclaimer: I'm a huge fan of Ubisoft, but refuse to be a fanboy for anybody, and will call out bad things when they're bad... I currently have around 20 Ubisoft titles on PC (and none are Rainbow Six, but some are Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon), along with various other Ubisoft games on Playstation, and have played most every Assassin's Creed to date... think Liberation and Freedom Cry are the only real exceptions.

Pro-Tip: This game does work with ReShade to spruce up some rather dated graphics and even some of the low-quality textures found from time to time in the game.

Being completely fair here, the original base game, for it's time, was VERY impressive. I didn't get into The Crew originally until later on after it'd been out for awhile, having gotten it way back in the big Ubisoft Humble-Bundle package-deal (the one that had the launch-purchase of The Division in it). Originally, it was awesome... the entirety of the US to drive around and race in and do skills/missions in and buy cars, etc. It was an impressive feat... but the more you play it, the more it QUICKLY falls apart.

The original game, on its own, I would have originally given a 7 maybe... probably higher if it wasn't for the WORST mission ever in a driving game, that being the "Burn Coburn" mission... OMG. Everybody said do it with somebody else... I tried that a few times, still no luck. I literally had to solo that mission a good 50+ times before I finally got it. And that might sound exaggerated, but seriously, if you've never played the game, look up that mission... even a good year or two since doing it, I still remember the name of it and how HORRIBLE it was... it's like a bad cult-classic urban-legend mission it was THAT bad. The rest was okay, even if the storyline was hokey as ****.

One HUGE gripe I have with this game, and I *PRAY* they fix it come The Crew 2... a similar gripe I had with games like Need For Speed: Most Wanted... and that's when upgrade-parts for your car, feel like snap-ins or like they just velcro in place. I'm not suggesting we need to get up under the car and ratchet the parts in... and even Most Wanted, if I recall, gave the parts names of sorts... but in this, OMG, it's almost DISGUSTING the disservice they actually do the vehicle upgrading and the pride some take in "pimping out" their ride (pun intended). I mean seriously, the upgrade parts are these exact names: "Exhaust", "E.C.U.", "Fuel Injection", "Air System", "Gearbox", "Motorcore", "Tires", "Brakes", "Suspension", "Differential", "Weight Reduction". Which on the surface, seems legit... that's until you finish missions/events and are awarded with one of these upgrade parts, and they look like a foil-card with a engraved-looking image of the part in the middle... and it's always the same exact card for each "part", with the only difference being copper-grade, silver-grade, gold-grade, or platinum-grade... some will even had bonuses like "speed bonus" or "acceleration bonus" or "braking bonus". And you just upgrade them on the fly, like it just plugs right into your car like a jump-drive in a USB port, or a hot-swappable SCSI-drive. Each part also has a "level", so if you're maxed out at level 60, you would be maxed out once you have all lvl60 platinum parts in each slot. (And the "mobile tuner" so looks like a character gear-screen from any run-of-the-mill MMORPG.)

Another HUGE GRIPE: The headlights in this game are a sad joke... at night in this game, they may as well be the equivalent of corner-store cheap flashlights, you'd get more light with a box of matches! (Should also be noted, the game may boast vehicle customization, but it's a lame-ass attempt at best... you pick ONE single color for a vehicle [there is an option for "two-tone" when picking a color in your HQ, but unless you do something extremely outlandish, it's a tack-on at best, since the colors vary so far on the color palette it's rather hard to make it look like a fading effect for "lighting/illumination effect" -- light a semi-dark blue on a dark-blue, etc], no multi-colors, no two-tones, no split paint-jobs... you then pick a skin that covers the whole car and the skins are preset by Ubisoft... no custom-creating decals, no custom painting... then the police vehicles can't even be recolored nor reskinned... the bodies can't even be customized. Oh yeah, that's the other thing, you can buy vanity customizations for the non police-vehicles to customize how the bumpers, hood, rims, etc look.)

Each part lends to the overall performance score (think gear-score from WoW) of the vehicle... which is another problem... you could have the top parts in all areas, which might overall make your car great, but what happens if every part has "Braking Bonus" on somebody else's car... while your car has all the max-level parts but all have "Speed Bonus" and "Acceleration Bonus"... you car now looks equivalent to the other car, even though you have enough bonus to outperform their car. But going back to the last paragraph, they couldn't even be bothered to invent fictional manufacturers and/or show an ACTUAL part instead of a foil card... from a game that meticulously tried to recreate a micro-version of the ENTIRE UNITED STATES in their game!? WTF!? Good to know that if I ever want my car to be more beefy in real-life, I just have to spin down to Pep-Boys and pickup a "lvl60 platinum motorcore"... WTH even is that!? (Oh, and it's also worth noting, even if you win all the upgrade parts for a certain spec, up to max level, if you don't want to repeat event after event, you have the option to BUY the parts you won, with in-game currency, to upgrade other vehicles in the same spec. Yep, you actually have to purchase and re-purchase parts again, and again, and again... parts that you already fairly won. And the max-level platinum parts, if I'm recalling correctly, easily cost well over 50,000 bucks depending on the spec you're buying them in... and that's PER PART. So if you want to max out ALL of your vehicles, happy grinding... either for money or for parts. There's times when I want to max out a car, that I'll honestly just keep doing jump skills over and over and over again, as they're the quickest and easiest -- but be prepared, you *WILL* end up burning up hours, perhaps even days, jumping vehicle after vehicle after vehicle, off the same jump, over, and over, and over, and over, and over again... leveling up vehicles in this game is about as fun as watching paint dry or grass grow!)

One can also buy vanity/appearance parts for their car that are for looks only, but at times also spit in the face of car-mechanics and tend to make a huge fail. A perfect example is tail-wing/spoiler on a car... the spoilers are for looks only... you have the option to buy a gigantic spoiler, as well as a "spoiler" that just looks like it's the trunk with no spoiler... and irregardless of which you have on your car, the car still operates and functions the same exact way with no change to the car's stats whatsoever. -_-

This would also be a good place to point out that the in-game weather-system is just for looks/ambient-environment only... since it seems a wet/slick road handles pretty much exactly the same as a dry/sunny road does. Even in what would seemingly be downpouring rainstorms in the game, the handling appears to be exactly the same!

There's also perks in the game that will increase certain stats and performances as well as RNG chances, like the chance to get 2 AP points per level instead of just the one... I believe you can raise that particular 2 AP chance up to a 10% chance. Overall they're not that noticeable... I have the "handling" perk maxed out, and I still whip all over the place... which I'm going to get into that next... OMG, this game has the WORST physics!

Physics... how the ****, again, did they meticulously create the entirety of the United States, and have the WORST handling and physics... I would say EVER, but there are far more other games out there that take the cake... but The Crew is pretty close. I've lost track of how many times I'll be speeding along on a motorcycle at about 200mph, hit another vehicle or a tree head-on, and rather than wipe out, I actually stick to the object, then have to try to either push hard to the side to get off, or take the time to back away from it just to pull around it... the collisions in this game are just SUPER-BAD! There's even times you'll find yourself trying to whip around a curve, again, doing around 200mph, to find yourself actually sticking and coming to a dead-stop on a guardrail... and I'm not talking your car pings off in a reflective direction, or flies up into the air... no, no, no... I'm talking your car will make impact, and stop dead right there like a dart hitting a dart-board, as if all the extra momentum just suddenly vanished.

There's also multiple specs of cars, which are both a pro and a con. Certain cars can only come in certain specs... which was a huge disappointment when it came to the Wild Run expansion, which I'll explain in the expansions below. But the specs are Full Stock, Street, Performance ("Perf" for short), Dirt, Raid, Circuit... I think that's all of them, or at least the specs in the base-game. What's bizarre again, is the overall performance-score... like for instance, a full lvl60 platinum parts car in Street will have the same exact performance-score as a full platinum parts Circuit car... even though the actual stats of each car are WILDLY different, and the Circuit car could blow the Street car out of the water without even having to squeal the tires! (You can also buy other cars from car dealerships, as well as find car parts to unlock special buggies and such, along with win "shards" that will eventually unlock a car... erm, okay. Many of the cars are super-expensive, thus, more and more grind!)

So, now the expansions... Wild Run was okay, and it introduced new specs such as Monster Truck, Motorcycles (which is more a vehicle type, each with certain specs), Drag, and Drift. Yes folks, DRIFT was actually a spec... really!? Did the devs actually know ANYTHING about cars or do any research!? Drift is NOT a spec, drift is what you do in a car by fish-tailing it... how the hell can you have an entire spec dedicated to DRIFT!? What next, a spec dedicated to parallel-parking!?

Wild Run:

Wild Run was bizarre in that it took the old formulas of the base game and kind of tossed them out the window. The new modes were interesting, but played more like a theme-park... for people that loved The Crew (at least as much as they could), the new specs and events/modes seemed more like a diversion rather than anything central to the game... they also tended to give you a lot of vehicles you needed to perform said events, and then it became a slot-machine of winning and rolling "upgrade parts" (aka: foil trading-cards) to "pimp your ride". Other than that though, was sort of a time-sync that felt completely disjointed from the rest of the game, story, missions, etc... like some bizarre "carnival"... if anything, it makes me think they wanted to rip-off Forza Horizons festival-theme, but strip most anything that made it good, and do it with extreme vehicles... that about sums it up.

It should also be noted that there's only 29 cars, of the 50+, in the game that can have any of the three specs (Monster Truck, Drift, Drag) applied. Some of the 29 can be all, others can be only one or two - making this expansion-pack extremely limited. As an example, I have a massive soft-spot for a '67 Chevy Camaro... yet, you can't do any of these specs on the '67 Camaro, not even drift... yet, I'd LOVE to see a '67 Chevy Camaro as a Monster Truck! The conversions themselves are also unfairly and ungodly expensive, making it obvious that Ubisoft wanted to keep their player-base busy with grinding-to-death to collect them all... a Drift-converstion will run 400k Bucks PER EACH VEHICLE you convert, Monster Truck will run 450k Bucks PER EACH VEHICLE you convert, and Drag will run 500k Bucks PER EACH VEHICLE you convert!!! So even if all these 29 cars ONLY had a Drift spec, one would be looking at a MINIMUM of 11.6m Bucks to make all the conversions... and that's only after having purchased at many high prices (or unlocked) each of the 29 base vehicles. Happy Grinding! xD

Overall though, due to Wild Run being more of a slapstick side-show without much impact to the game at all really, it takes the overall score for the base-game down to a 6.

Calling All Units:

Update 06-Jul-17: Spent just under 700k "Bucks" in game to purchase the Abarth Monster-Truck Police Car, and the Hot Rod HuP One Police Car; seems ZERO missions opened up for the Monster-Truck, so FYI, since I don't see many PvP police-chases working well in a Monster-Truck Police Car it's practically useless and a waste of 302k. As for the Hot Rod, it opened up ONE police-chase mission and ONE police-race... seriously!? That's it!? Just shy of 1-million "Bucks" in game, and ONE mission and ONE race?

(And for the LOVE OF GOD, the mission in the Louisiana bayou swamps is BEYOND infuriating and obnoxious! You use an ability on the guy, and he veers into the swamp anywhere from 50-250 yards... at which point you usually can't get close enough to get the 7-second bust countdown... because if you enter the swamp too far, it says "too bad, you drowned" and resets you, while the car your after is able to keep driving around in the swamp! Then if it ever does get stuck, it resets onto the road and zips off while you're stuck in the brush by the edge of the swamp trying to get close enough to him in order to bust him! I used this mission to level up the parts in my Police Hotrod [when I should have used the race instead, oh well, hindsight and all that], and ended up resetting the mission so many times, because this is one where if you don't bust him soon and straight away, it becomes even MUCH MORE infuriating and obnoxious!!! Still nowhere as bad as "Burn Coburn" mission from the base-game, but pretty ****ing close!!! And worse, the game has the audacity to claim the difficulty-level to be EASY!? What!? HAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Calling All Units... probably the most love/hate relationship of the bunch. As much as I griped about this expansion, I finally took the plunge and bought this during the summer-sale when it was $8.50 I believe it was... I wouldn't suggest paying anything more than $10-$15 for it, and even that might be steep. This expansion has so many problems... but at least it has a handful of "story missions" kind of (each mission requires a certain spec vehicle, and thus you have to grind and buy that police vehicle in that spec in order to unlock them, and many police vehicles are ungodly expensive.)

Side-Note: Whoever developed the idea of having to hover within 30-40 yards of your target for a full seven seconds to make an arrest should be fired and sacked IMMEDIATELY... that has to be the MOST RETARDED arrest mechanic I've seen in police-themed game-play, bar none!!! So many times, the meter will be full on the last second, and because the target got out of range by a few inches, guess what, start that seven second countdown ALL OVER AGAIN! Because 6.92 seconds just isn't close enough... we only play it HARDCORE up in here don't-chya-know!

For starters, when it comes to Calling All Units, this game was such a spit in the face for the central fan-base of the game, that many left because it seemed like a gigantic RIP OFF! Ubisoft decided to take a "World of Warcraft" approach to how they'd handle expansions, and OMG, it still honestly kind of pisses me off a tad. Pretty much, anybody that buys Calling All Units, both when it launches, and even today, it INCLUDED Wild Run for free... there's a bit of a reason for this... it's because instead of having similar programming-code in Calling All Units so it could stand on its own, it actually needs the code from Wild Run to handle motorcycles and other specs and such. Now, here's the "pimp-slap you like a street-walker" rub to all of that... anybody that originally had The Crew (thank God I got it for a "discount" of sorts in Humble-Bundle, I feel so much sympathy for anybody that bought it full price!), probably paid the launch price of $60, or got it on discount later on for $30-$40. And I believe when Wild Run first came out, it was something like $30-$40... I can't recall, but I did buy Wild Run when it first came out... now, anybody that had thrown down this much money, actually had to pay an additional $30 I believe it was to get Calling All Units... while anybody that either bought The Crew late, or had The Crew... only had to pay the $30 for CAU and get Wild Run for free. So basically, while the original players paid $40-$60 for the base-game, and $30-$40 for Wildrun, they had to pay $30 for CAU, while anybody that never had or bought Wild Run, could pay the cheaper price later on for The Crew, then throw down $30 for CAU, and get Wild Run free. So ultimately, somebody could get The Crew for around $30, which is what it's selling for now, along with $30 for CAU, paying $60... where the original players are looking at a possibly having paid about $130 or so to have everything, and that's only if they didn't also buy any of the Deluxe Editions.

Further baffling, is this has to be the ONLY game that I can recall seeing, where the "Season Pass" actually doesn't cover ANY of the actual "expansion DLC"... the "Season Pass" here instead gets you some five or so "Car Packs"... where you still have to pay completely separate for any expansions. I believe my Humble-Bundle copy came with the Season Pass, as I seem to have all "Car Packs", so thankfully, again, I got saved a bit on the back-end, but I can wholeheartedly feel for and agree with those that rage-quit over the business handling of this latest DLC... in fact, one can't even buy "Wild Run" stand-alone anymore... if anybody wants expansions, they HAVE to now buy Calling All Units with Wild Run packaged inside of it. (I even checked both on Steam and Uplay, on PC, to make certain of this factoid!)

* Another big rip-off to Calling All Units, is the fact, certain vehicles are locked to CAU that have zero business doing so. When Wild Run first came out, the original Indian motorcycle that was in it was the Indian Scout; upon booting the game back up, after having shelfed it for awhile, before I got Calling All Units, it would appear the Indian Scout has been replaced with the Indian Chief Dark Horse. I really wanted the Dark Horse, which if I recall costs around 375k Bucks in the game, so I grinded up the Bucks, went to buy it, and find out I supposedly needed Calling All Units in order to buy it... WHAT!? It doesn't even tie into CAU, at all!!! Calling All Units gameplay is alright, but the biggest gem to it, at least for me, was the Indian Chief Dark Horse, which again, shouldn't have been force locked behind the need to purchase this fairly weak and rip-off expansion.

So with that aside, the gameplay. Again, the missions are okay... though, the illegal street-races using polce-cars, as neat as it may be at times, is nothing short of bizarre. Oh, and one thing that drives me up the wall about the expansion, and probably ticks off quite a few others... each "mission" in CAU, is spec-specific... I get it, sort of, to make sure people aren't taking a circuit spec into a street-spec mission and wiping the floor with the NPC, but could they not just SCALE the difficulty!? I mean CAU released in 2016... it's not like difficulty-scaling doesn't happen everywhere else! What this means is, you spend a butt-ton of money on police vehicle, for example, the BMW Police Motorcycle that I bought for 370k in-game bucks, which is a Perf spec... meaning I can't use my Police Motorcycle in any of the missions that require Street or Circuit. Like seriously... because that's realistic... when a criminal is on the run, they make sure to match vehicles chasing it to be exactly like the vehicle they're chasing... so OJ Simpson, when he was on the run, the police cars you saw were just an illusion... they only chased him with beefy SUVs to make it much more fair to the person they're trying to bust.

But this mission-logic falls flat on its face when it comes to the multiplayer/PVP. Before one gets CAU, there are "transporter" missions you can take, but you have to be the "bad guy", and can only play as a cop if you own CAU. So for awhile, before owning CAU, I played the "bad guy"... and it's bonkers... I thought I might have some fun running it in my 700ish performance-score '67 Chevy Camaro... HAHAHA, okay, yeah, that was dumb. Often times (and now that I own CAU I'm a bit guilty of this), you'll get chased and busted by people that barely have to accelerate to stay on top of you. And WTF is with the capture mechanics in this!? Couldn't they AT LEAST properly rip off other games like NFS: Rivals or Burnout Paradise!? You'd think you'd have to disable the vehicle... you don't; well, to be fair, if you cause the car to flip or go into water, it resets and is instantly busted, so there's that... but mainly, you have to get close to the car you're trying to bust, and a countdown starting at 7 seconds will show up... you stay close enough until it reaches zero, and the "bad guy" is automatically busted and their car grinds to a halt.

There's many major issues though in the car chases. Again, super beefed out cars can chase weaker and lesser cars... there's zero player-balance whatsoever... even a "match-making based on levels" would be nice. My BMW police motorcycle is almost fully maxed, and I'm often times busting people that I really shouldn't have any business going after (at least with the logic behind the CAU story-missions). There are some where I'll see them pushing their nitrous/boost, as blue flames are shooting out of their exhaust, and I'll just hover behind them on my BMW police motorcycle doing about 75% max-speed, and if I really want to make sure they don't get away, I just occasionally tap my nitrous now and again... busted! They should have used the "difficulty-leveling/spec-restrictions" from the story-missions in the multiplayer, and put level-adjusting in the story-missions. Though, I could see the spec-restrictions in multiplayer getting boring after awhile.

Now, here's the most messed up part about CAU... well, perhaps second from the price rip-off aspect to it. Most players don't even realize, it forces them to pit against each other, to increase/encourage the grind... and in horrid ways! Okay, let me lay this out... as I said above, you can purchase civilian-vehicles or police-vehicles at some insanely high prices, OR, you can get "shards" from the transporter crates to unlock vehicles. What I don't get is why I seem to only need 10 shards as a civilian, but 15 as a cop, but whatever. Now here's where it gets dicey. As a cop, you're actively trying to bust players, which causes you to have the chance to open the crate, while the civilian walks away with peanuts, and if the civilian makes it, they have the chance to RNG the crate (for chance at either shard or bucks), while the cop walks away with peanuts. Here's the most bizarre part though... one will actively make it harder for the other to receive shards, thus increasing the difficulty to unlock better vehicles, and thus potentially forcing more money-grinding in order to BUY the vehicles with in-game currency. But what's even worse... two things actually; one, there's no AI missions (which is going to massively hurt once The Crew 2 releases and most the player-base jumps over... CAU at that point may as well be completely useless and unplayable beyond the story-missions)... but two, ONLY a civilian can actually trigger a transporter mission. The way they're triggered is a civilian drives over the package... I've even several times tried driving over the package with my police motorcycle hoping it might cause the event to start with an NPC civilian-transporter... but when you drive over the crate as a cop, NOTHING happens. So cops need to sit around the entire time, if they've finished all the CAU solo story-missions, with their thumb crammed up their rump. and wait for civilians to grab a transporter package... anybody else remember APB (now APB: Reloaded), and how much that concept tended to backfire when there weren't many people on!? I mean ultimately, CAU can boil down to "grind simulator".

Then there's the issues with the actual police-chases. I'm honestly under the impression that some players HAVE to be using cheats. I've been right behind some vehicles, and launched both the "speed hack" ability, along with the ability that's supposed to mess up their steering (can't recall the name of it at the moment)... I'll watch them keep flying along at the same exact speed without any being hindered whatsoever... as if they have some means to just shrug off any abilities thrown at them. There's also some that seem to have an endlessly supply of abilities... there was one time I was chasing a single civilian, and it was constant either flash-bang or EMP strike... and each ability is supposed to have a cooldown just shy of a minute or so. And on a side-note, OMG, can the devs PLEASE fix the cop AI!? There's so many times an NPC cop will actually pull in front of me during a chase, causing me to either crash, come to a dead stop, or lose tons of speed... I've lost so many of these matches because the cop AI, who are supposed to be my NPC partners, are more of a speed-bump to me than an aid!!! But there's other cars I'll see that will speed up to an intersection doing around 250mph, that will make perfect corners without fish-tailing, without skidding, without even a hiccup, just zips right around... not to mention how I see some hit ungodly speeds that shouldn't even be possible; I can go almost 300mph on my BMW police motorcycle, and there are some that will just be flying away even faster where even with nitrous I can't even begin to catch up. In the blink of an eye, they'll go from 200 yards away, up to over a mile, where there's been times I'll just pull over, give up, and let them win. There is one reset you can do that puts you right behind them, but in the issue above, it becomes futile... you get about 150-200 yards behind them, but it seems you have to be within 150 yards or less to launch an ability at them, and after you reset, you have something like a 10-second cooldown before you can use any abilities.

Further to note, two MAJOR gripes I have with the chases... I believe it spawns you relative to the player you're chasing... but there are times when you join a chase, you'll either be facing the complete 180-degree wrong direction and will zip off in said wrong direction (there's even times I'm spawned in facing up against a building or guardrail)... but the other gripe is how when you first spawn in, it has the splash-screen for "transporter" or whatever, really big, and RIGHT in the center of the damn screen... so for the 10 or so seconds that it's there, YOU CAN'T SEE CARS THAT ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU... including the player if they're right near by (whoever thought putting the big splash-box right there was a blooming idiot)... additional to that, the map doesn't even show up until the large splash-box vanishes... so if you're spawned in the 180-degree wrong direction and start zipping off, by the time you see the map to realize it, your target could be a good half-a-mile to a mile away by then!!!

Also, dear devs, would it PLEASE be possible to actually add some AI/random police quests/missions? A random vehicle you have to pull over and ticket, perhaps a call to report to a domestic-disturbance... while the civilian players could be tasked with being a wheel-man for a bank-robbery, where they have to sit there, wait for their partners, while hearing sirens getting closer and swooping in on them, to then have to make a getaway.

Oh, and on a side-note, be very careful with police chases... when you fail as a cop, you can actually get penalty fines... one time, I accepted a chase invite, and it was 5-10 seconds before the "civilian escaped", so I wasn't even in it long enough to either help or hinder... yet, I ended up with a round-about 5000 bucks fine at the end of it... the "cash" reward area, was actually a negative number! Ugh.


I honestly couldn't recommend this game to any die-hard racer fans... Forza Horizon 3 or Burnout Paradise is a much better bet for the money if you don't have them or haven't played them yet... just wish Forza Horizon 3 would add motorcycles, and possibly Monster Trucks... that'd so be a dream come true for that franchise! The only way I could see somebody having fun with this, is if they play it half-heartedly, or are looking to putts around and kill some time and don't mind all the aggravations that this game brings with it.

Ultimately all the many GLARING issues with CAU, the 6 that Wild Run took this game down to, has to become at least a 4... I almost even rated this a 3, but decided to be generous!!! There's SEVERAL mechanics and elements that this game has... biggest problem is, most of them are done and handled in a very mediocre fashion, rather than honing in on a more specialized set of mechanics and elements that it could instead do superbly if the devs had really wanted to! For novelty this game is good, but for any die-hard racers, or those looking to get deeply involved, you might end up sadly disappointed. Can only hope there's a much better delivery in The Crew 2!

Like I said earlier, I got Calling All Units on a 66% off sale making it $8.50; but I feel it's not worth anything beyond $10-$15, and Wild Run if it was still sold stand-alone might be worth $15-$20... so when investing in The Crew, even though it does have its few shiny spots and decent bits, buyer beware in the overall cost in the long run. :)

While Ubisoft wanted The Crew to be a swan-song amongst the racing-genre community, it sadly turned out to be more of a siren-song in comparison to the other handful of racers out there, like Burnout Paradise, Forza Horizon 3, some of the Need for Speed games, and others.

** NOTE: Due to issues in other areas/websites, have client-side disabled viewing comments via custom user-script; therefore won't be viewing/reading/responding to comments on this review.