Great idea but, falls far short of even being decent. Another Ubisoft fail.

User Rating: 3 | The Crew X360

I never leave reviews but there are hardly any pro reviews and I don't see many good player reviews. I was hoping The Crew would be like TDU2 except with a more cool map and hopefully finished (unlike TDU2). I still loved TDU2 and was convinced I would love The Crew as well; even despite Ubisoft's many recent poor and unfinished games.

Graphics: 3 They are some of the worst of any xbox360 game that I have ever played. The map is scenic but man are the graphics bad.

Audio: 3 Just plain bad. I have nothing good to say about it.

Physics: 3 I know many people are waiting to hear about the games physics. It is a very arcady type of game. Yet your car is very heavy. I find it hard to make fine steering adjustments. You can usually plow through any objects such as fences and light poles that get in your way. How your car reacts in collisions can be random. Overall I would call the physics weird and unrealistic.

Gameplay: 5 The map is very large with some cool spots. It lacks character and a sense of fun at times. There are plenty of races and race types. You hardly get any money from races. Ubisoft is looking for you to spend some more real money for you to progress more quickly. I wouldn't get my hopes up of it being patched to give out more cash. The GPS route is up in the air which is surprisingly annoying and can be hard to tell where exactly you need to go when you're in an area of lots of crossing roads. Your screen is constantly getting cluttered with stuff. I found that when I was driving along and went through a race prompt it would start up automatically. This is extremely annoying. This leads to your screen getting even more cluttered. The gameplay is striving for being like TDU2 but I would say it certainly falls short.

Story: 1 Nobody is playing this for a story but, it is unbelievably bad. It gets in the way of the game. You will be left scratching you head thinking how on earth did this make it into a AAA video game title. It seems a 14 year old was in charge of the story for The Crew.

Other Thoughts: This game is also incredibly laggy and suffers from frequent and long loading times.

Final verdict: As cool as this game sounds like and as fun as it would appear it should be it fails on many levels in the 360 version. It may be much better and worthwhile on the PC or a new gen platform it is definitely not on the 360. I've played many xbox 360 games and this is one of the worst that I have ever played.