ok but not quite as great compared to other Commodore vic-20 games. read my review or i will turn your mom into a cow!!!

User Rating: 6.5 | The Count VC20
The first reason why this game i so annoying is that it is very hard to correctly type what you are supposed. The second reason is that it is not very playable. The third reason is that The Angry Video Game Nerd hates this game see his full Dracula review on Gametrailers.com for more answers. The fourth and final reason is that you have to use the selected words in the instruction manual if you don't have the manual you are screwed. Its ok but just go out there and play it for yourself and find out and i hope you enjoyed reading my review and have a great summer and great day goodbye. oh and i forgot i more thing it just isn't that good compared to other great texing games on the land of video games and play other vic-20 games just for comparinsins and at last goodbye aaand have a very wondorfull day in your life.